Interesting infographic breaks down entire iPhone 6 production process

The production process for a new iPhone 6 is very complicated and traverses the globe from country to country, supplier to supplier, and company to company. The very cool infographic sheds some light on the whole iPhone 6 production process and includes why Apple works in certain countries over others and which suppliers Apple uses

Watch the second part of Tim Cook’s interview with Charlie Rose

On September 12, the first clips from an interview held between Tim Cook and Charlie Rose surfaced, followed by the full first part of the two-part interview soon after. Now, the second installment has been uploaded to Rose’s website. Continue reading → iPhone Hacks | #1 iPhone, iPad, iOS Blog

PayPal mocks Apple over recent celebrity photo leak

Apple last week announced its foray into the finance sector with Apple Pay, an NFC-based mobile payments platform designed for iPhone and Apple Watch. PayPal, a main competitor in the space, has taken advantage of the recent massive nude celebrity photo leak, attributed to an iCloud breach, to seemingly downplay the security that Apple provides

iPhone 6 Begins Shipping to Customers for Sept 19th Delivery

Apple begin accepting pre-orders for the iPhone 6 on Friday, September 12th. The first of those orders are beginning to ship to customers. Verizon sent notices to customers today with tracking numbers for their early orders. Despite the early shipping, FedEx will hold shipments for simultaneous delivery on launch day — Friday, September 19th. Despite

Etherlords lets you rebuild worlds while battling enemies

There are plenty of games out there that allow players to build cities, farm land, and battle against enemy forces. There is even a genre, called 4X (explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate), which uses similar tactics. What if you don’t want to be contained in just a city or empire? What if you want to

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are now available for pre-order

Following their unveilings on Tuesday, Apple has made both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus available for online pre-order. I want to be up front and say that I have not seen the online store (website) come back up yet, but myself and a number of readers/colleagues have managed to place orders through other

Apple’s iPhone 6, Apple Watch event now available on YouTube!

While the livestream more or less was a horror show (and overdubbed in Chinese) for many of us, YouTube is forever. Or close enough. And Tuesday’s [iPhone 6](/iphone-6] and Apple Watch event is now available there, which means a couple things. For one, it’s perhaps yet another example of a more open Apple. For another:

Apple CEO Tim Cook: iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Will Trigger ‘Mother of All Upgrades’

In an interview with the The Wall Street Journal following today’s media event, Apple CEO Tim Cook stated that the company expects the launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to trigger “the mother of all upgrades” as consumers consider their next smartphone purchase. Cook also added that he expects Android users to

Apple’s reported office expansion could give Siri a stronger voice

Real estate reports suggest that Apple may be expanding its Boston office, taking up larger office spaces in an office building owned by MIT. Given that Apple’s Boston, MA team currently works on Siri, if true the expansion could bring more manpower to bringing more smarts to Apple’s digital assistant software. “On the eve of

Apple Filling Out Flyover City Tours Ahead of iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite Launches [iOS Blog]

One of the new mapping features included in iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite is Flyover city tours, which leverages the existing Flyover imagery to provide users with an automated aerial tour of landmarks in a given city. When the feature first appeared early in the iOS 8 beta testing process, only a handful of

Why unlock your phone?

Phones are locked to a certain network to tie you in with using that network for your mobile phone needs. It’s a simple tactic used by mobile phone networks to retain you as a customer which works in many cases. There are of course ways to go about 'unlocking' your device (unlocking the device so that a SIM card from any other network provider will work with no limitations) which include direct factory unlocking and network unlocking.

In a number of cases, a code will need to be generated by the network and given to the customer. This isn’t usually a free process (depending on your individual circumstances, needs and so on) and will incur a charge of anywhere between £5 and £20. I recently had a ZTE device unlocked by Virgin for £15. Once the unlock code has been delivered, it can then be used to unlock the device.

The benefits of unlocking a device are clear. The phone can then use a SIM card from another network which may work out more effective for the user than the previous phone contract or network costs. The device will also have a higher resale value if and when the owner wishes to sell the phone on.

Virtually all devices can be unlocked. There are a number of devices that can be unlocked online, with code generators or at local market stalls. It’s imperative that if you’re looking for a phone unlock, you do your research and look and whether there are any free unlock solutions available. A lot of more modern devices are becoming increasingly harder to unlock with the unlock key’s becoming harder to crack for free.

iPhones are one of the most popular mobile phones and it’s a given that they’re also one of the most popular devices to unlock. Unlocking iphone can be done online. Browse the Internet and find the perfect solution for you.